Draining Detox Serum

Drain and refine!

  • Helps to eliminate retained water for smoother skin
  • Improves circulation
Order Draining Detox Serum One $94.00
Drain and refine!

Your goal is to refine your figure and quickly achieve a state of comfort and well-being in your legs. Draining Detox Serum is a slimming treatment that helps to eliminate retained water for smoother skin. Its exclusive LPG® slimming complex helps to quickly and effectively eliminate fat from the entire body. Combined with escin, its draining action effectively combats aqueous cellulite.

Its bluish gel texture is immediately refreshing and not sticky. It is lightly scented and absorbs quickly.
This treatment is recommended especially for aqueous cellulite and retained water. Apply morning and evening to targeted areas until the product is fully absorbed.
  • + 4% exclusive LPG® slimming complex
  • + 1% escin
150 ml tube

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