Firming Contour Fluid

Target sagging skin!

  • Instant contouring and lifting effect
  • Redefines the contours of the body
Target sagging skin!

Your goal is to quickly achieve a firm and toned body. Firming Contour Fluid is an anti-aging treatment for refining the curves of the body and providing an instant lifting effect. Its exclusive LPG® anti-aging complex with hyaluronic acid encourages the formation and protection of collagen and elastin. Restore your skin’s youth and firmness!

The formula’s high concentration of Dynalift® forms a firming film on the skin for an instant and lasting tightening effect.

Its liquid texture is nourishing and absorbs quickly. Lightly scented.
Apply this treatment morning and evening to the entire body, focusing on sagging areas, until the product is fully absorbed.
  • + 2% exclusive LPG® anti-aging complex
  • + 7% Dynalift®
150 ml tube

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