Glowing Revitalising Cream

Repair and enhance your body!

  • Micro-peel action for revitalized skin
  • Reduces the appearance of stretch marks and prevents new ones from forming
Repair and enhance your body!<éstrong>

Your goal is to have a perfect and beautiful body. The Glowing Revitalising Cream is a repair treatment that restores softness and comfort in your skin. This daily treatment repairs, nourishes, firms, and softens skin that has become weak through aging, making it look and feel like new skin day in and day out. With its exclusive LPG® anti-aging complex with hyaluronic acid, it encourages the formation and protection of collagen and elastin. Restore your skin’s youth and firmness! Fruit acids, or AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), in the formula stimulate cellular renewal and exfoliate epidermal cells for a micro-peel action that prevents and reduces stretch marks and smoothes small imperfections in the skin. The skin is better hydrated and completely revitalized.

Its silky, creamy texture is lightly scented and absorbs quickly.
Apply this treatment morning and evening to the entire body, focusing on stretch marks, until the product is fully absorbed.
  • + 2% exclusive LPG® anti-aging complex
  • + 5% A.H.A.
150 ml tube

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