Smoothing Anti-Dimple Complex

Smooth and refine!

  • Promotes the release of fat
  • Smoothes the appearance of cellulite
Smooth and refine!

Your goal is to refine your figure and make your saddlebags disappear. This anti-cellulite complex is a targeted treatment for removing fat and smoothing the appearance of adipose cellulite, which is common in pear-shaped bodies.

Its exclusive LPG® slimming complex helps to quickly and effectively eliminate fat from the entire body. Combined with Bodyfit®, it can be an effective treatment against the orange peel effect and prevent new adipocytes from appearing.

Its lightly scented rich emulsion has a pleasant texture and is not sticky, for fast absorption.
This treatment is recommended mainly for fighting adipose cellulite. Apply morning and evening to targeted areas until the product is fully absorbed.
  • + 5% exclusive LPG® slimming complex
  • + 3% Bodyfit®
150 ml tube

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